A rifle is inanimate and cannot assault anyone

Monday , March 19, 2018 - 6:00 AM28 comments

According to my dictionary, assault is: "a threat or attempt to strike or otherwise do physical harm to a person.” I have never seen a rifle assault anyone by itself.

A weapon is inanimate. So how can a rifle assault someone without a human misusing it.

It is interesting how the National Rifle Association is always referred to as a problem when guns are misused. The NRA, to my knowledge, is an organization that has always taught gun safety.

I think that the term "assault" was attached to a semi-automatic rifles so a certain political party could scare people and disarm America, turning it into a socialist nation controlled by a dictator.

Granted, there will be individuals who will always misuse anything to harm someone else, but let’s put the blame where it really belongs — on the individual who commits the act to hurt someone else, not on the instrument they use to do the damage.

Vaughn C. Fifield

Brigham City

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